Saturday, October 28, 2006

Village Well

The Village Well with its concentric steps
Just enough to put one foot down
Jutting out inches from the brick wall
that is green -
and red as the dragonfly
that darts about the banyan
that already has a prop root or two
As it grows on the moss-green wall
of the village well.


Suji said...

Ah I see that you have started writing poetry too. Is this ur first try? Very good.

arvindh said...

Thank you! I dabbled in poetry years ago - in my IX std actually. Just thought of trying my hand at it again.

meghjanmi said...

Arvindh,u tell me what u cannot do..

bess said...

Lovely insight into the way an artist sees the world: noticing the dragonfly, the shape of the steps, the colors, the banyan (that has such beautiful architecture.)Thanks!

Anonymous said...

:-) Arpudham!